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Yes, you can get your acne for free with zebo.ai’s AI-backed technology.

zebo.ai provides you with a platform to analyze and understand your acne, book an online dermatology appointment, get a personalized regimen for your skin, and track your acne’s progress.

Our AI has been carefully curated and was tried and tested where the tests have resulted in 100% accurate results. We are confident about our AI backend technology, and you can safely rely on zebo.ai for accurate results.

Depending on your type and grade of acne, it will take from 4-12 weeks with zebo.ai to get rid of acne.

On zebo.ai’s app, you will be given an option to select the dermatologist and the time you want to consult him/her. On scheduling an appointment, you can join the consultation through your mobile phones or desktops and get a solution for all your problems at your convenience

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